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Governor 2016-2017
Governorbriefe DG S. Thalmann-Haffter - Botschaften Weltpräsident
Distriktbroschüre 2016-2017
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11.06.2017 -
2. Charity Golfturnier des RC Osterholz
RC Osterholz

16.06.2017 - 17:00 h
Vernissage Benefiz Kunstauktion RC Bremen Böttcherstraße gemeinsam mit RC Leipzig Alte Börse "Leipzig trifft Bremen - Kunst fördert Kids Camps"
RC Bremen-Böttcherstraße

17.06.2017 - 15:30 h
Benefiz Kunstauktion RC Bremen Böttcherstraße gemeinsam mit RC Leipzig Alte Börse "Leipzig trifft Bremen - Kunst fördert Kids Camps"
RC Bremen-Böttcherstraße

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Termine Aktuell

23.06.2017 -
4. Beiratssitzung 2016-2017

24.06.2017 - 15:00 Uhr

24.06.2017 -
Distriktkonferenz 2016-2017

21.07.2017 -
1. Beiratssitzung 2017-18

01.09.2017 - 10:30Uhr
35. Norddeutsche Rotary Golfmeisterschaft

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10.-14.06.2017: RI-Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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KidsCamp in Sage bei Großenkneten
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4. Beiratssitzung 2016-2017 in Westerstede
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Distriktkonferenz 2016-2017 in Westerstede
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Staffelmarathon für Rotary Clubs in Löningen
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Rotary District 1850
- right in the middle of EUROPE -


Rotary Distrikt 1850 - Banner - Vorderseite
The northwest of Germany is not only an attractive area to enjoy your holiday. You will find a surprising mix of agricultural and industrial activities with a competitive edge.
People are most friendly and offer generous hospitality. They appreciate their cultural heritage and respect traditional values.

District 1850 covers the region between the rivers Weser and Ems and is situated in the north-western part of Lower-Saxony with approx. 2.5 million inhabitants. Due to the settling of commercial-industrial enterprises in the cities of Bremen, Bremerhaven, Osnabrück, Oldenburg, Delmenhorst, Emden and Wilhelmshaven, important centers have emerged.

Industrial centres
In the northern and coastal areas the maritime industry predominates, whereas in the South of the Weser-Ems region the logistic services prevail. Moreover, tourism, livestock-, food- and milk-industry , vehicle construction, space and aviation industry, plastics processing, pho-finishing, textile and electrical industry machine and metal industry are driving the welfare of the region.

Off course, the region is subject to powerful structural change. Agriculture, fishing and partly traditional in- dustrial firms have been replaced by service companies. Especially the trade and transport sectors as well as the telecommunication industry have become milestones in the dynamic economic development. Furthermore, the region offers a network of education and training institutions.

Close cooperation between economy, science and administration has always been a major objective. This cooperation led to innovative technologies and processes for renewable energies. Success manufacturers of solar, wind and bio energy equipment have contributed largely to the region.

A healthy and moderate climate, a beautiful countrysi- de between the North Sea with 7 inviting holiday islands and the rolling mountains of the Teutoburger forests represent a vast variety of changing of changing landscapes. They attract millions of tourists every year, who also visit the large selection of theaters, museums, and many local attractions.


900 years ago, castle and settlement of Oldenburg were founded at the Hunte River. Soon a harbour and an important market place developed. Since the 15th century, it was the residence of the Counts of Oldenburg. The castle is still situated in the heart of today's city and houses the museum of art and cultural history. The people of Oldenburg have two favourite "animals":
horses and bikes (affectionally referred to as "metal donkeys").

While a  typical Oldenburg street scene may be a far cry from Beijing, it's impossible to imagine the city without bicycles.


In Bremen (50 Km from Oldenburg) history goes back over 1,200 years. In the baroque and renaissance Market Square you find the Town Hall and the statue of the Roland, patricians' houses, and the historic Chamber of Commerce. Beginning a new life in Bremen - that's the reason the Bremer city musicians hit the road. The famous sculpture of the donkey, dog, cat and cock from the fairy-tale by the Grimm brothers is here to be seen. This historic square unites vital aspects from history, the present and the future of the city.

Top-Class German beer has its home in Bremen, and so does the first quality of coffee. Other manufacturers enhance Bremen's gastronomic reputation with superb chocolate products, exquisite spices, a wide range of breakfast cereals and tempting fish specialities. Bremen is one of the most important centres of the food, beverage and tobacco industry in Europe.

Bremen - Town Hall


74 km from Oldenburg is Germany's biggest North Sea coastal town, Europe's most important fishing port, member of the exclusive club of the world's leading container ports, shipbuilding location with an international reputation and, as a rendezvous for the world's most beautiful luxury liners and passenger ships, Germany's number one amongst the cruise ship ports of the world.

Bremerhaven: River Weser, City Center and 'Schifffahrtsmuseum'


Osnabruck, 109 km from Oldenburg has been the "City of Peace" since 1648, because the Westphalian Peace Treaty ending the devastating 30-Years War was negotiated and signed here. The city boasts a host of historical buildings. Representative buildings from each period of Osnabruck's long history can be seen throughout the city. These range from the 17th century palace of Ernst August of Brunswick whose son became King George I of England, to the unique 13th century warehouses with integrated apartment, known as "Steinwerke".


MEYER WHARF - Indoors Shipyard
More than 250,000 tourists come to the shipyard yearly to see on site state-of-the-art shipbuilding. Visitors are particularly captivated by the huge luxury cruise liners and the complex prduction line.  A visitor's center was build to accommodate people's demand to visit one of the world's most modern yards. This visitor's centre provides a detailed insight into the production process at the yard and the glamour of a cruise by means of exhibits, videoa and a mock-up cabin, etc.


Wilhelmshaven (55 km) is a very young town. In 1854 Prussia started building a naval port at the North Sea Coast which eventually lead into forming up the City of Wilhelmshaven in 1869. The only purpose of the city was hosting the navy of the German Empire.

Since the end of the Second World War Wilhelmshaven concentrated predominantly upon commercial and industrial developments, although the city still hosts Germany’s largest naval base. Wilhelmshaven now is a modern city but many buildings in Wilhelminian style can still be found. The way into the future will be lead by the building of a new deep sea container port which is assumed to start operating in 2010.


Hannover (170 km) is the capital of Lower Saxony. Almost half of the city is made of parks, forests and stretches of water. The city with the atmosphere of a small town became the capital of Lower Saxony in 1946. Hannover is thus not only a green  metropolis, but the cultural, economic and scientific heart of the northern state. Hannover is not only one of Germany's but the world's most important trade show places. The giant Hannover Trade Fair, that takes place every year in April, is the world's largest industrial fair. 


  • 67 Rotary Clubs,
  • more than 3,000 Rotarians,
  • Rotary Tables:
    Baltrum, Juist, Spiekeroog, Wangerooge, MS Europa

Distrikt 1850 mit 8 Regionen

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